How long is delivery?

If you live in the UK, delivery is usually within 1 to 2 days from the day the item is dispatched. For the rest of the world it is usually 5 days but can be up to 10. 

"I haven't received my order"

This one isn't that frequent (thank god) but if you haven't received your order, email me at nabila@otherpeoplescharacters.com and given that you have selected a tracked method of shipment I'll be able to help you out. Unfortunately if you've just selected the standard method of shipping I'll only be able to provide you with a proof of postage.

Why did you stop selling most of the designs?

It was pretty stressful/time consuming. I'm a one woman band and I have to balance this OPC thing out with uni and life in general. Direct to garment is a great process in that I'd never have to sink a load of money into printing a design in bulk that maybe wasn't one of the more popular options. But it ended up meaning a jumper or shirt would cost way more than I thought it should. I'm not about that overpriced life.

Also I set this thing up just as I turned 19, and where I still do like doing the drawings and linking it to lyrics all that stuff, I'm interested in other things too. Still in the design field, but I'd like to move on a bit. 

How are the designs printed?

From the 15/04/15 any designs in the store will be screen printed. If there are any that aren't in there that you'd like to see come back, please fill in the form below and I'll take it into consideration!



"You used to sell stickers and stuff..."

I still use Redbubble as a selling platform, that's where you can get stickers. There's also Society6 which allows me to sell the drawings as mugs, clocks, pillows, tote bags, iPhone cases and shower curtains oddly enough.

Get this: they do d u v e t s now. Trololol.

"Why isn't Woody Woody?"

I get this question a lot. There's a couple reasons, the first being that I drew Dan before Woody and there was an immense lack of planning at the start of this thing. The second and more important reason is that Woody's head just wouldn't look good on Woody (Toy Story)'s body, because of that I thought it'd be funny to make him Buzz instead. And Dan actually does look like Woody... don't you think?

"Why Rhubarb?"

My surname is Rouabah, and no one can say or spell it. It's really not that hard though, it's just "Roo - a - bah". Rhubarb is a little less taxing for people.