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So a while ago I got asked if I’d do a design for Hangin’ to be used for merch… completely nuts… but obviously I said “er yeah of course”.

This one started off as “stringing up all of your regrets” but ended up turning into a weird slasher film in my head. Imagine if every time you did something you regret you could just pull your face off and throw it away. Well I pictured someone who did a lot of horrible stuff keeping all of his faces, hanging them all up, standing back and admiring. Clearly I get VERY distracted. Although luckily sometimes that distraction is productive.

It was bizarre to be asked to do it by someone who's work I've got a lot of respect for and hilarious for this gross misunderstanding of lyrics to be part of the official merch. But so bloody cool.

 Buy it now at  bastillebastille.com

Buy it now at bastillebastille.com